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At The Big Clean Co we LOVE the KonMari method for tidying, organising and storing your belongings. These are our gold nugget tips from Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. 

- TIDY all at once. This goes completely against the method most of us use—to clean room by room, cupboard by cupboard sometimes over the span of 12 months (or more—no judgement—that’s what The Big Clean is for!). The KonMari method tells you to do it all at one time if you plan on long term success.

- DISCARD everything that does not spark joy. Hold every item in your hands and ask yourself how you feel. If it doesn’t spark joy get rid of it. Having said that— you need to keep some things that don’t necessarily spark joy when you touch them, but are useful in living a joyful life. You know, things like the toilet brush. No one feels joyful when they hold a toilet brush but you know what’s worse? A dirty toilet - so keep the toilet brush, right? Get rid of EVERYTHING else. Chuck it, donate it, gift it—just get it gone.

- ORGANISE in categories. Go through all the clothes in the house, then the books, then the miscellaneous items, then the papers (Marie Kondo says discard them all, and we have to say we LOVE that idea!), then the sentimental items. Start with the easy things to go through so you’re good and practiced by the time you get to the harder things.

- LEARN how to fold properly—the KonMari way—then fold most of your clothes. This one is amazing! A proper life changer! You will never believe how much you can fit into drawers once you start doing this— and how much easier it is to see what you’ve got and find things you need.

Now the really hard part:

DISCIPLINE. Old habits die hard so you’re going to need to practice and practice until the KonMari method becomes your method. You’re going to need to stay on top of what you’ve got and be ruthless in discarding what you don’t need in your joy filled life.

And of course— at The Big Clean Co we can help you keep on top of it with our regular Full Clean service and one off pantry and fridge cleans, or if you have something bigger in mind—your wardrobe or home office perhaps— get in touch and we’ll let you know how we can assist!

Yours sparkling clean...

                                          ...and with exceptional organisational skills,

The Big Clean Co

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