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8 Indoor Plants To Clean Your Air

At The Big Clean indoor plants are our number 1 styling tip (aside from—uhh—cleaning) to help freshen up any room. Old, new, big, small, minimalist, cluttered— plants are the most versatile thing you can slip into your space. 

Aaaand research undertaken by NASA way back in 1989 (good things happened that year—not just the birth of Tay Tay) shows certain plants can actually improve indoor air quality. A clean home isn't complete without clean air!

Here's your list of NASA approved indoor plants—we've chosen the hardest to kill. You can thank us later. 

1. Spider Plant

2. Dracaena (keep these away from your dogs and cats)

3. Ficus/Weeping Fig (way tougher than the currently-trending and ridiculously easy to destroy Fiddle Leaf Fig)

4. Peace Lily. 

5. Boston Fern

6. Aloe Vera

7. Snake Plant/Mother-In-Law's tongue

8. Bamboo Palm

Yours sparkling clean...

                                          ...and with exceptional indoor air quality

The Big Clean

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