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5 Winter Cleaning Tips (1 Of Them Will Help You Avoid Getting Sick This Season).

Winter - every day you're fighting a losing battle against mud in the house, but not only that - you're also getting sick. Viruses - colds, the flu and gastro -  all spread like wildfire at this time of year. Keeping the house clean (and germ free) is never more difficult and never more important than in the colder months, so we  have put together these tips to help you get on top and stay on top this winter.

1. Doormats. Double up! You need one on the outside and one on the inside of every external door. 

2. Shoe trays. No matter how hard you stomp your feet on the double doormats you're still bound to track some dirt and mud into the house: make for easy cleaning with a shoe tray (a baking tray also does the trick).

3. Slippers. Save your floor and carpet by banning shoes from the house at all times and get into the habit of wearing cosy pairs of inside-only slippers. 

4. Clean entranceways daily. A quick vacuum and mop does wonders (and prevents the mud from spreading through the house requiring a much bigger clean). Wipe the walls, door and skirting down regularly too - keep on top of this and it will save you having to repaint later down the track. 

5. Don't forget the doorknobs and light switches. You touch them daily—but how often are you cleaning and sanitising them? Got a sick person in the house? Trying to avoid their coughs and sneezes as well as keeping them out of the kitchen? What does it matter when you're touching the same knobs and switches and going weeks (months? years?) between proper cleaning. At The Big Clean Co we include these as part of our checklist of items we clean every time we visit your house. To really get down to the nitty gritty - do the TV remotes and computer keyboard too!

Yours sparkling clean....

                                          .... and virus free this winter,

The Big Clean Co

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