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5 Tips To Streamline Your Cleaning Routine And Get More Out Of Life

Some of us like cleaning. Some of us have better things to do!

If the thought of cleaning is impacting your downtime on the weekends but you can’t fit a professional cleaning service into the budget—look no further than this simple list of tips you can slip into your routine right now.

Streamline your cleaning routine and spend more time doing the things you love!

1. Oven cleaning. Months— even years— go by before the old oven gets a good scrub down. Dedicate some time to getting your oven to look like new again (or book in a professional service) and then prevent caked on debri from sticking to the bottom of the oven by lining the bottom tray with baking paper or foil. Changing (and throwing out) the sheet that catches spills is by far easier than scrubbing the charcoal that practically superglues itself to the oven surface.

2. Laundry hampers everywhere. Keep a laundry hamper in the corner of each bedroom plus one in each bathroom—this way, the people who have difficulty walking a few metres to the laundry when they get dressed and undressed each day (husbands and children: we’re looking at you!), have no excuse as to why their room has more clothes on the floor, chairs and bed than it does in the wardrobe.

3. Double bag your bins. Okay this one is straight out of the lazy girl’s guide to living (not a real book… but if it was….). Double line your bins so that when you take the trash out you don’t need to worry about re-lining the bin—it’s already done!

4. Keep cleaning supplies in the areas you use them. You wouldn’t keep the dishwashing liquid in the laundry—so why do you keep the bathroom cleaners there? When you’re stepping into the shower and can’t avoid how cloudy that screen is— pick up the products that are right there in your reach and clean it while the motivation is with you.

5. You need a broom or a cordless vacuum. Nobody has time to get the heavy vacuum out of the cupboard every day. Make it easy for yourself to clean up daily mess in the high traffic areas by having easy to use equipment readily available.

And, if you are in a place where you are thinking it is time to bring in a professional to take care of all this for you—whether it’s a deep clean once a season, a monthly clean, or a more regular maintenance clean—check out our price guide and see what you can fit into your budget to make your clean time lower and your living time higher.

Yours With Less Cleaning & More Living,

The Big Clean Co

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