As a business owner and mother of 4 I know how much of a big impact a simple house clean can have on a busy person’s day-to-day life. Having had a house cleaning service in my own house for many years I know that it can be difficult to find a person or a business that is the right match for your needs.


​Back in 2016 I started renting out apartments to short stay guests via Airbnb and I soon discovered that it is even more difficult to find a person or business that can consistently clean to the standard expected by a guest staying in hotel accommodation.

I started looking into the cleaning industry and I saw that many cleaners are being underpaid and naturally as a result of that—they’re underperforming. I saw that sole traders and even some of the franchisees of the bigger companies didn’t have systems in place that made it clear with me (the customer) what was happening, in what time frame, and for what price and then to repeat that every time they visited.


In starting The Big Clean Co I wanted to bring the level of service that I was giving myself— and my guests— to other people too. I wanted to replicate the finely tuned system I have for cleaning my properties to the standard of hotel accommodation so that I could share this with more people—many of whom are currently getting their house cleaned but continually feeling like they’re not quite getting what they’ve paid for. I don’t want people to say what I have said time and time again: “I may as well just do it myself”.


Our aim at The Big Clean Co is to provide consistently high quality cleaning that takes the stress out of our customer’s lives and gives them more time to focus on the things they really want to be doing.


Kacie Stephens