You will be given a date and time (or window of time) upon booking. This will be confirmed again as your booking gets closer.

This is entirely up to you. You can let us in and then leave – let us in and stay – or leave a key and we can let ourselves in. 

Generally, yes. We will endeavour to send the same cleaner (or cleaners) to you every time – occasionally they might change due to holidays, illness, etc, but being that we are just one team of all-employees you can be assured that your cleaner will not be changing frequently.

Yes. We carry the products and equipment that we need in our car. Our equipment is sanitised from job-to-job to ensure cross-contamination is not occurring. If there is something specific you’d like our cleaners to use – we are happy to discuss that.

We encourage all feedback (we use this to improve). If something we agreed to do is missed or not done to a high standard we will come back and re do it – normally within 48 hours of the booking. If this can’t be arranged we will provide a discount.

You can. We keep keys coded for each property so as not to include identifying details. However – we encourage you to have a lockbox on your property that you can keep the key in. This helps us keep our rates lower by allowing our cleaners to start their day from their own house rather than collecting keys from the office each morning first.

We will move small objects and items to clean underneath, but we strictly do not move large furniture items due to the risk of damaging the floor surface and injuring your cleaner’s body. If you need us to clean under large furniture items (that cannot be accessed without being moved) please move them prior to your cleaner arriving.

We ask for as much notice as possible when cancelling your service. Any cancellation closer than 1 business day from the booking will incur a cancellation fee of 20% (this will be waived in certain circumstances).

If you don’t see your question answered here please feel free to give us a call on 0403 533 744 or email hello@thebigcleanco.com.au