End Of Lease Cleaning TIPS

Every tenant knows that whether they do it themselves or hire a professional, end of lease cleaning is an important part in ensuring you get all of your bond back

Here at The Big Clean Co we can help with all of your end of lease cleaning needs and even the packing. But if you're doing the job yourself we've made it easier for you by creating this FREE printable end of lease cleaning checklist so you can tick off each task as you go and make getting your bond back a smooth and stress free process (it's at the bottom of this page). 

Many tenants are surprised by the amount of time an end of lease clean can take and can become overwhelmed at the dust, debris and grime left behind once all their belongings have been moved out of the picture. 

If you’re completing your end of lease clean yourself our #1 tip is to get a start on it in the weeks before you move. 

Create a schedule that breaks down sections of our checklist so that you aren’t leaving the bulk until the final day. 

  • -Declutter so you aren't carrying things you no longer want or need between houses.
  • -Doing the big things like the oven and the walls will save you hours on the day you do the final clean.

Another tip is to get the outside of the house done in advance of packing. All you need is a broom, a bucket filled with a solution of dishwashing liquid and water, and a hose to clean outside. 

  • -Remove cobwebs from windows and balcony railings and sweep patio areas
  • -Dip the broom in the bucket and scrub the windows and fly screens
  • -Hose down, let air dry, polish any rogue spots, and the outside of your house is done. 

We made a video showing you the 5 top things tenants miss when doing their own end of lease cleaning. Watch Here.

Now, here's your free end of lease cleaning checklist: download and print so you can easily check off each task while doing your end of lease clean and get your bond back in full.