End Of Lease & Bond Cleaning Langwarrin

Get Your Bond Back Guaranteed In Langwarrin

Are you worried about cleaning your rented apartment or house at the end of your lease? Stop worrying – The Big Clean Co is here to help!

We provide professional end of lease cleaning services in Langwarrin. You can trust that our cleaning standards are high enough to guarantee you get your bond refunded.

Lagwarrin End of Lease Cleaning by The Big Clean Co

The Big Clean Co are lease cleaning professionals. We make sure your landlord or rental agency won’t complain that the property isn’t clean enough.

Here’s what our end of lease cleaning service includes:

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchens get a lot of use. And there’s usually quite a bit of cleaning needed for ovens, extractor hoods, etc.

We take care of cleaning the walls, floors, fixtures, and appliances.


  • Oven – clean interior and exterior
  • Stovetop – wipe down and clean
  • Range hood – degrease and clean
  • Countertop surfaces – wipe and clean
  • Backsplash – clean
  • Sink and taps – remove grime and clean
  • Pantry – wipe down shelves and clean
  • Cupboards, shelves and drawers – dust, wipe down, clean
  • Microwave, dishwasher, fridge – clean interior and exterior

We’ll leave the kitchen sparkling clean, so your landlord or rental agency will be happy.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms come a close second after kitchens for the amount of cleaning needed.

We tackle soap scum, hard water marks, toilet stains, and anything else needed to get the bathroom(s) in great shape for inspection.


  • Tiled surfaces – wash and wipe dry
  • Bathtub and basin(s) – clean, sanitise, and wipe dry
  • Shower glass/screens – remove mould/mildew and clean
  • Shower head and taps – clean and sanitise
  • Toilet(s) – clean and disinfect
  • Vanity, handles and taps – clean and sanitise
  • Medicine cabinets – clean and sanitise
  • Mirrors – clean and polish
  • Air vents/extractor fans – dust/clean

We leave the bathroom spotlessly clean. It will impress anyone!

Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Dining rooms

We also clean hallways and any staircases in the property.


  • Floors – vacuum, sweep, mop (as needed)
  • Cupboards, shelves, drawers – dust / clean
  • Wardrobe mirrors, frame and tracks – clean (polish mirrors)
  • Windows, sills, and tracks (interior) – clean and dry
  • Doors, door frames – dust / clean
  • Skirting board – dust / clean
  • Blinds – dust / clean (deep clean if needed)
  • Light fixtures – dust / clean
  • Light switches, power points – clean
  • Cobwebs – remove
  • Carpets – clean (steam cleaning optional)
  • Walls – wash (either spot cleaning or entire wall wash)

We leave everything pristine, ready for inspection and approval from your landlord or rental agency.


Does the rental property have a balcony? We’ll take care of that too!


  • Floor – vacuum, sweep, mop (as needed)
  • Sliding patio doors, tracks – wash / clean (interior and exterior)
  • Windows, sills, tracks – wash (exterior)

At The Big Clean Co, we guarantee you won’t need to worry when you hand back the keys to your rented property. Your landlord/agent will be happy!